Parliament House Hotel homepage on a computer screen

Digital Case Study for Social PPC

January Sale Campaign

Campaign Stimulus:

This 3 Star Hotel required an increase with booking directly after Christmas, which was a natural lull given the festive period.


Increase booking revenue for January.Social post for Parliament House Hotel

Tools Used:

Targeted Social Media PPC Advertising
Google Pay Per Click Advertising
On Page Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media PPC Advertising:

Spend: £70
Duration: 10 days
Result: £614.64
ROI: 8.7 : 1

How we did it:

We created advert sets that retargeted the same demographics who have purchased the year before. In addition to this, we re-marketed the adverts to website victors who has looked at the page in the last 30 and 60 days.

In the testing phase we used multiple images and the graphic above prove the most successful. We re-targeted females aged 45 – 54 which resulted in the majority of the conversions just 72 hours into the campaign.

The social media PPC advertising was able to reach an audience who were outside of the like pool of the client’s page so, regardless of page size, sales can also be achieved.

This was just one component that made up the full January Sale Campaign.

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