Roxburghe Estate

Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe Estate Join The POSH Family

POSH Communication has taken the digital marketing world and combined it with some pretty spectacular Scottish history. We proudly welcome Roxburghe Estate and Floors Castle to our portfolio of luxury hospitality providers and destination marketing.  Also proudly known as our boss’s, who loves eventing, favourite Horse Trials of the season!

Through Social Media Agency excellence, PR perfection and strategy success we will take the historic Scottish venue of Floors Castle in Kelso to new levels online. Here our aim is to take on one of the challenge of combining historic beauty  and bringing it to the forefront to become the next big destination to be in Scotland.

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As specialists in hospitality, POSH Communication have been commissioned by the The Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe to bring a new lease of life to Kelso, the stunning surroundings of Floors Castle and Roxburghe Estate in the Scottish Borders. Bringing old and new together in a harmonious fashion to launch the most stunning of castle estates in Scotland and raise awareness of its vast offering.  From Hotel and Golf, to woodland walks, cycle paths and some of the best equestrian events in the UK. From stunning, sustainable Walled Gardens and Greenhouses, to state of the art eco systems and sustainable cooking, cafes, restaurants, adventure playgrounds… and goodness we could go on forever! POSH will support the estates mantra of  ensuring its heritage is preserved for many generations to come.

This truly is an old meets new marriage of passions, with a modern, creative, digitally and customer focused team getting right back to the old traditional country lifestyle and absorbing the true meaning of community with the long standing employees of Roxburghe Estate.

A Bit More About Roxburghe Estate

Based over a stunning 65,000 acers in Kelso, Floors Castle takes centre stage within Roxburghe Estates which the Duke of Roxburghe and family have owned for many generations. With striking surroundings, golf course and race grounds, the Duke and Duchess have commissioned POSH to advertise and PR the estate in its entirety including the soon to be newly renovated Walled Gardens. The gardens are set to open for an exclusive preview for all Roxburghe Loyalty Card Holders later this month.


And POSH Communication

With POSH being known for always pushing the boundaries and searching for new and exciting  challenges, the creative team at POSH had immersed themselves in all this Roxburghe, as this was the perfect project. The digital experts have been getting to know all things in and around the castle, its staff and all the activities and history it has to offer. From gardeners to housekeeprs, fisherman to butlers, the POSH team have been gaining an insight into life inside the castle, believing that the only way to successfully market a brand is to know it, inside and out.

With POSH’s benchmark to deliver success and excellence to all its clients, and Roxburghe’s commitment to maintaining the history and excellence of the castle, this new dynamic digital arm of the Roxburgh Estates is set to be the most successful venture out of the estate in 2016!

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